Monday, September 03, 2012

There are some strange people in the world.

I just went outside and moved the car onto the high street, where it would be out of the way in the morning. I'm half asleep but it needed moving, I'd had to leave it parked on the pavement earlier.

And when I'd moved it and got out I noticed a worm on the road. It has been raining and the damned thing had probably been rained out.

So, I feel sorry for it because it's clearly going to die there and I crouch to try to pick it up. It resists... I start muttering at it...

"Come on, you stupid bugger, I'm trying to help you. Stop squirming. Stop it. Behave! Oh, for fuck's sake cooperate!" and so on.

At which point some guy with a dog wanders past. Looking disturbed about something.

I realise that being crouched in the middle of the road appearing to be talking to myself might be a little out of the ordinary so I look up, smile and say "Worm" by way of explanation.

This does not have the desired effect; he recoils and gathers in the dog hurriedly.

"I'm just... It's... Um. They drown, you know..."

"Worms. Not very good swimmers"

"Worms. This worm. It's lost, I'm just... Oh..." I said to his rapidly retreating back.

I get the impression he thought I was weird, which is strange really considering I'm not the one carrying a bag of warm dogshit home...