Friday, November 12, 2004

Various of crem's ramblings, culled from cix

[on the subject of animal husbandry, fnarr fnarr]

> Am I not correct in thinking that having sex with animals
> has always been illegal???

Several of the women I've approached have used this as an excuse, certainly ;)

> who regularly does his bit to widen the gene pool with the sheep.

Don't you mean widen the sheep with his gene pole?

[on the subject of motoring]

> Which hazards would you expect in towns, but not in the country?


[pithy phrases]

Because it's reigning kant and dogma?

Publish and be dumbed ;)


Windows is a bag o'shite. So is Linux, but at least the bag's transparent...

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  1. And you can tell you're getting sad and boring when you think up a pithy phrase and then search the web to make sure it's original.

    Mind you, I'm fairly proud of those two, both of which went straight over the heads of the intended targets. Not so sure about the bag o'shite, though. Is a transparent bag o'shite necessarily an improvement over an opaque one?