Friday, March 18, 2005

Spotty AVR

Every now and then Atmel (don't ask) get it into their heads to do something silly, and this month's free bonus fiasco from them is their new improved marking on the AtMega128 chips. Have a look at this picture, and then tell me which way round the chip's supposed to go...

Is that bloody great white spot the index marker, or is it the much less visible dark indentation at the top-left?

Yes, you guessed it, it's the one at the top-left.


  1. A couple of people have mailed me with commiserations, so I'd better point out that we actually worked this out and got it right before soldering any.

    I say 'we', but as usual it was ze Herve who got it right. He was confident enough to stuff a hundred or so boards - "Ze white spot is ze red herrink" - the rest of us were dubious enough to quietly flow one of them and check it...

  2. Gah. Why isn't the number of comments shown correctly on this 'thread'? Bloody programmers...

  3. And lo! as if by magic, adding another comment makes it work!

    (Yes, I did try refreshing the damned thing...)