Monday, October 13, 2008

Design Design source code

As I mentioned before I've published all the remaining source code for the Design Design 8-bit games. They can be found here:

To make the sources useful I've written a reasonably competent Z80 cross-assembler and put that up there too - using it you can assemble the games sources to *.sxz files ready for loading into an emulator with a single click. Took months and months and... well, weeks. A week. Several days at least. OK, ok - a couple of sessions. I'm not that obsessive...

It also includes a fairly competent binary -> source code disassembler, for pulling other people's code to pieces and, ah, modifying it. Wet Set Jilly rides again...

Spectrum software development using it is almost as easy now as it used to be for us, so anyone with an interest in retro gaming should get up there and write some games... I may award a prize to anyone who can take the Forbidden Planet source and make something interesting out of it...

Have fun.


  1. Thanks for releasing these mate.

  2. Jeez. How brilliant is it to see this website?

    I used to love playing your games, then using a disassembler to read the crazy messages...!

    Rock on.