Thursday, April 02, 2009


This is a packet of coffee, such as we use at work...

This is a packet of instant porridge.

And this is both of them carelessly placed on the same shelf at work.

'nuff said, I think...


  1. It was unfair, I tell you. I get to work in a mode that could charitably be described as somnambulant. If there is no coffee waiting it is not unknown for me to stall and just stand in front of the machine until someone gently moves me out of the way... And then they give me this challenge. Bastards.

  2. I mean, I think my initial thought that it was albino coffee was perfectly understandable, under the circumstances.

    Anyone could have done it, is what I am saying.

  3. At least you were awake enough not to eat brown porridge......

  4. Ah! I wondered where all the coffee had gone...

  5. A previous employer had a coffee machine that made it possible to generate combinations of coffee / tea / chocolate and soup

    The coffee / veg soup melange had wonderful effect on the narcolepsy which was prevalent on Friday mornings.

  6. I once, in a zero brain moment read the serving suggestions on a packet of rice that stated "add milk to taste". I thought "why not?" & ended up with Chicken fried rice pudding!