Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Just watched an advert demonising CO2. Far too little and far too late.

Wonder if any of the stupid ignorant bastards who've been doing their best to doom us all by opposing nuclear power will finally wake up and admit their culpability?

No, don't be stupid crem. They're probably all gearing up to oppose nuclear fusion...


  1. hi Crem,

    I've travelled the road to Damascus

    I'm, on the hunt for a 'Nuclear Power No Choice' sunflower sticker, just to wind people up.

    Cix misseth thee!


  2. Hi Neil... Give my regards to the AVR crowd.

    Back in the days when "Nuclear Power No Thanks" stickers first appeared I modified one to say "Nuclear Power No Choice" and got loads of stick for it from the terminally clueless at school.

    Gave up on it after a while, too much effort is wasted when debating anything complicated. Wise men cannot influence fools; fools are only ever influenced by more persuasive fools.