Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yas hotel

Remember the Yas hotel from the F1 coverage?

Am I the only one who suspects the architect had this in mind?

(Nope, not alone - Googling for "Yas hotel penis" gives 38,000 hits)

But unfortunately rather than an enormous glowing penis what they've actually ended up with is a giant balls-up, because after only a couple of months hundreds of the LED panels have failed and it now looks like this:

Perhaps it should have worn a condom...

(For the record I was not involved in this project and those aren't our LED panels)


  1. If you had been involved it would probably have burnt down by now - though they might prefer that; it'd be covered by their insurance.

  2. If it was one of yours the controller would have had a Space Invaders easter egg embedded

  3. 1001 Arabian lights.....
    1000 Arabian lights.....
    999 Arabian lights.....

    "Uh oh - Get the fuck on with it Sherazade!"

  4. From a certain angle, it looks like a soup ladle, although I wouldn't attempt to ladle burnt soup with it, then again, I've never burned soup!!!!

    I know a man who did though, once, at Christmas. He ended up with a pot noodle, a lesson to all!

  5. I'm not a religious person, but the abomination and utter gluttony that is Dubai in a desert climate did make me think of the dire warnings about the whore of Babylon and all. There's something wrong with such a display of wealth and resource gluttony in the middle of a desert.

    On the other hand, Las Vegas made me feel similarly, albiet on a much lesser scale. All I could think of when I arrived, was if they turned off just every other marquee light bulb, they could probably power another entire state.