Thursday, May 06, 2010

The meaning of life...

[slightly revised from facebook]

It has been speculated by reputable physisisi-oh damn it! By scientists - they're easier to spell - that universes evolve by budding off new 'children' inside black holes, where each black hole contains a new universe with physical laws derived from the 'parent' universe but scrambled slightly.

From this it follows that we should expect physical laws to have evolved in the direction that favours the production of black holes, because the universes that generate more black holes have more children, and the child universes where the physical laws are biassed in the direction of generating more black holes will have even more children, and so on.

Therefore it seems to me that if intelligent life was to make a point of converting matter into black holes as efficiently as possible (that's efficiently as in making more holes rather than bigger holes - the smaller the better in fact) rather than leaving this to gravity and chance, then we would expect the physical laws of universes to evolve in the direction that favoured the development of such intelligent life.

We are here; QED... Now, get on with it. Grab those atoms and SQUEEZE!

Of course, if this is believed by aliens they could be out there already on a religeous crusade to turn everything into black holes, which might explain why there's so much dark matter in the universe. When the stars near us start going out it'll really be time to panic...

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