Sunday, February 13, 2011


The greatest lie ever is romance. It's something men often want but can't have, and women often have but don't want. It's a lie so powerful people will die for it in the full knowledge it's a lie... We strive to make fools of ourselves by worshiping at the altar of romance, where the luckiest are sacrificed by those doomed to outlive them...

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  1. Oh dear, you sound like Augustine, just before he encountered this......

    "Too late, have I loved Thee, O Beauty so ancient and so new,
    too late have I loved Thee! Thou wast with me, and I was not
    with Thee; I was abroad, running after those beauties which
    Thou hast made; those things which could have no being but in
    Thee kept me away from Thee. Thou hast called, Thou hast cried
    out, and hast pierced my deafness. Thou hast enlightened, Thou
    hast shone forth, and my blindness is dispelled. I have tasted
    Thee, and am hungry of Thee. Thou hast touched me, and I am
    afire with the desire of thy embraces."