Friday, January 21, 2005

Patenting the bleedin' obvious

Oh, that's just peachy. In a moment of idle helpfulness I e-mailed those LED alliance people (they're trying to prevent someone from patenting the bleedin' obvious) to point out that several of my olde designs used PWM to control the colour of LED's, and dug out some details of one such product for the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) that dates back to 1989.

So now the buggers want me to fly over, at their expense, to America as a witness in their legal battle. Gah, I hate flying. I hate flying more than I hate greedy American companies, more even than I hate the whole patent system, so I suspect this will not be happening. Grump. Snarl... Anyone want to impersonate me for a few weeks? Free holiday with only a small chance of being immolated by terrorists? Pah...


  1. > my olde designs [..] for the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) [..] I hate flying. I hate flying more than [..]

    [Crem dimly wonders if the irony is sufficiently obvious or if that just reads as self-aggrandisment]

  2. This whole shebang is one big self-aggrandisement. BTW you dropped an 'e' again. In aggrandisement I mean.

  3. The irony clearly isn't sufficiently obvious ;)