Monday, January 10, 2005

Urgh, lurgy strikes design skills.

Running up against a deadline, so I had to work today despite still suffering from this rotten virus. It's interesting how it affected my design skills - after five hours of tracking a simple PCB I wound up with the following mess, thank god it's just a first generation prototype. Urgh :(


Which is the ugliest PCB layout I've produced for a long time, though it may not look it to a casual glance. Components with mixed orientations, connectors in silly positions, non-optimal tracking, non-optimal layout especially from an EMI POV, no room for idents, no test points, no pads for possible mods, general overall ugliness and WHAT is going on round those PSU's?, urgh.

I thought having to pull over and throw up on the way home was the lurgy at work, but maybe not... Still, bound to be changes required. No prototype ever survives contact with the customer...

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  1. And so after finishing that damned PCB I give in to the lurgy and take some days off while one of the guys at work organises getting it manufactured. Who then gets outwitted by bloody Protel which manages to disconnect everything from the ground plane before creating the gerber files... Do the PCB people spot this? No, they do not. Do we spot it? No, not until it's fully stuffed and I try to power it up... Oh, joy. Silly deadline, hardware design to debug, software to write and a board with no fucking grounds connected... Gah. I knew this board was going to be a disaster... And the real pisser is that this is the simplest of the three boards involved, so god knows what awaits me on those...