Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ancient grumpings

But all that Rob could find was a trail of foot-prints, and following them he was led through the forest, along strange overgrown paths, to a clearing, where a freshly turned mound of earth lay stark in the moonlight.

Sensing movement, he was drawn towards the mound - where, to his horror, he saw that the dirt was being pushed up from beneath. Unable to move, transfixed by horror, Rob watched as a shape rose silently out of the ground, an object held vertically by a hand who's arm remained rooted in the soil - a familiar object, yet somehow hideously deformed into a grotesque parody of its natural state - as recognition dawned, mercifully his mind snapped and he ran shrieking from the clearing "Gaaahh ! The shift-keys ! The shift-keys ! Why put them there ?"

Behind him, the PC keyboard (102 keys) stood mutely in the moonlight. . .

(From cix:laurence 26 Jun 1995)

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