Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Computer clubs of the early 80's


Ah, nostalgia. Those days are gone forever, as are the days of cheap little trade-fairs where a software-house could go and set up a stand, sell hundreds of tapes for a few quid that the tax man never found out about and get seriously pissed/stoned in front of an adoring public.

At least, that's how it should have been - in practice, however, usually the company car'd break down on the way, we'd cut our fingers to ribbons inserting cassette inlays and the guys with the drugs (don't ever do a trade-fair sober) wouldn't turn up, the adoring public would turn out to be masses of snotty little kids who'd spend all day playing the games for nothing while nicking everything that wasn't nailed down and we'd get into a fight 'cause Neil leant on and knocked over the neighbouring stand. . .

(From cix 16 Oct 2000)

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