Sunday, February 26, 2006


> Just invest in a flag factory. The Muslim world can't burn enough of
> 'em, apparently.

I've just had an idea - what someone ought to do is encode the text of the holy books of every god-bothering set of lunatics into binary, then transcribe that to a DNA sequence (fairly easily done these days) and then it could be cheaply replicated and sold in spray cans. Then all you'd have to do is spray your flags, embassies, etc, etc with it and they'd be inviolate: "You can't burn that - it has billions of copies of the Qur'an on it"

We could call it "Fundie-Flit" or some such.

We could also insert the appropriate sequence into a retro-virus, making it possible for the daft buggers to write the word of de lord into every cell in their bodies, where hopefully it'd do the most good (for the rest of us, that is)...

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