Friday, August 28, 2009

Just google it

Google makes life far too easy. A friend is getting reasonably good at some of the facebook games, so naturally I decide to wind them up by quietly posting slightly better scores. In the good olde days this would take skill - I'd have to figure out how to play the game... Hang on, [shudder], that's not what I meant - I meant I'd have to figure out how the game worked, where the score was stored, what form it was stored in, if there were any security checks and so on before hacking it to score whatever I wanted [phew]. This could involve several minutes of amusement...

In the really olde days you'd have to figure out their tape encoding schemes and fight off some cunning anti-piracy checks, but the days when programmers were that skilled are long gone; anti-piracy these days just means spelling your variables so badly that nobody else can figure out what the illiterate sod of a programmer meant, and it all happens by accident, not design.

But that's all moot, because now you don't hack anything, just google "bejewelled blitz cheat" and find the answer. Gah - where's the fun in that?

Pity I can't get it to score "xxx and a half", mind you. I suppose I could fake an accomplishment message... hmmm...

[later: A few days ago I found out that the wind-up worked... ]


  1. You're still a swine you know?
    I spent a week trying to work out how you could be JUST better than me.
    (thinks) that came out a bit wrong!

  2. I love it when a piss-take comes together...