Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Halls of the Things in HD

There are some talented people in the world, and some of them are mad. One such is a guy called Andy Stewart who (completely of his own volition) has written a version of Halls of the Things in C# and released it on an unsuspecting world... It's so faithful to the orignal that I took it upon myself to appoint him the fourth evil lord in honour of this evil deed; I'm sure Neil and Martin would approve.

He has created a web-page for this allowing it to be downloaded : http://www.whatisblueandfurry.com/hott/halls08.html

A thing of beauty is a joy forever; but those bastards are dynamite...

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  1. Heh, the sound effects are stolen from Doom.

  2. It used to amuse us when reviewers moaned about Halls having no sound effects - nobody *ever* played it silently. It didn't need cheap sounds, from the frantic clicking of keys to strangled screams the player provided enough of 'em...

  3. Very very good. It's probably going to write off my keyboard. Occasionally ignores up/down commands though. Which is pretty fatal !!

    Best I've done is 4 rings so far. I used to be good at this!

  4. > I used to be good at this!

    I spent far longer than I'm prepared to admit playing the Amstrad CPC version on an emulator a month or so ago before I managed to complete it, and that was on normal settings - I couldn't win with either the "interesting mazes" or the "faster monsters" options set, and I'm sure I used to beat both of those regularly... I'd have played this version instead but I didn't have it on the laptop, doh!

    I think the things are getting nastier. Either that or 26 years has slowed us down, and that's [Princess Bride Mode:on] "inconceivable!" [Princess Bride Mode:off]

  5. I still have the cassette... easily the best speccy game.