Sunday, June 14, 2009

Interesting times

"May you live with interesting timings" I remarked, innocently enough.


"May you live with interesting timings... You know, like the olde curse - may you live in interesting times - but updated for poor sods like me stuck trying to get their bloody logic running fast enough in a sluggish array... "

"What old curse?"

"May you live in interesting times - it's Chinese or Celtic or summat. Quite clever really, it implies that interesting times are not ones you'd want to live in"


"Not much of a curse, is it?"


"I just think it's a bit mild for a curse... It wouldn't spring naturally to mind when I wanted to tell someone to fuck right off is what I'm saying... It lacks something. Live in interesting times? Pah..."

"You have no subtlety, if it was you no doubt it'd be something along the lines of 'may you have diarrhea and piles and live in the bathroom!' Oh, just fuck off!"

"See? Much more satisfying..."

"You know, thinking about it, you're right..."

1 comment:

  1. Actually it was diarrhea and piles, which sounds like it ought to be the nickname of Dalziel and Pascoe. Not that the thought of Terry Pratchett publishing a book called "Diarrhea and Piles" doesn't have something going for it, you understand...

    This project is getting to me. Ho hum, CPU done, better get on with an SDRAM controller, then.