Monday, November 16, 2009

Dairy products

Just turned the TV on and stumbled across an episode of something called Emmanuelle 2000 on the sci-fi channel. In an improbable sex scene set in a kitchen a couple were pouring dark chocolate sauce and milk over each other... Chocolate sauce, yes, cream, yes - been there, done that - but milk? cold milk straight out of a fridge? No.

Probably some insane american black/white equal opportunity thang...


  1. The thought of that cold milk makes me think of the Zappa song, Jazz Discharge Party Hats where the T shirt seller goes skinny dipping with some groupies @ 2am. The cold water did nothing for his performance

  2. Ah, Zappa. He Who Cannot Be Played lest She Who Cannot Be Ignored has a fit... Should never have let her read the lyrics to Joe's Garage...

    Which reminds me I have never blogged my "Why does it hurt when I C?" lyrics... Wonder if I still have a copy?

  3. For some reason almost all females have an intense dislike of Zappa

  4. > For some reason

    It's either the music, the lyrics or the moustache; my money's on the lyrics.

  5. Let's not forget the titles