Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Windows 7

So, in a rare - one might even say unprecedented - moment of enthusiastic optimism I ordered a copy of Windows 7 (ultimate edition) from Amazon. After all, it couldn't possibly be as awful as Vista.

After forking out £140 and waiting a couple of days, this arrived:

Gods, it comes to something when even Microsoft can't afford a decent box... Hang on - light dawns - this is a pirate! I suppose that's what you get when you order software from:

Gah... I spend minutes of my life writing invective and telling them that if I wanted pirated software I would get it myself, not spend £140 on it. I wax lyrical. I am prepared for a long drawn out fight with some faceless corporation. And then you know what they go and do? Refund me in full. What sort of nasty, evil, twisted company does that? After Sue has gone to the trouble of finding that nice picture an' all...

Sheesh. You just can't trust some people.


  1. Surely item 4 should read:-

    Click next. And you're all alone.

  2. The anti-spambot thingy just asked me to verify I was human by typing in "cretion".

    Isn't the cretion the fundamental particle of stupidity?

  3. Bloody americanisms, we used to call it the creton.

  4. Herve is busy cloning my works machine C drive, so I can waste a few hours upgrading to W7 tomorrow and then return to bista ("Aaargh! Bista!") when I find out w7, or the upgrade process, is garbage...

    I anticipate several anti-ms postings... Even more than normally anti-ms, that is.